I am happy to announce that you can now own  a piece of APAR FILMS.

What's an APAR? I never knew – except part of my misspent youth was misspent with Christian Doherty, Alan Saly, Tom Sinclair, and Evan Jones creating Apar Films productions. They usually involved a chase, a gun, and sometimes a girl -- which is my  clever way of referencing the documentary I made about the 25 or so movies I made with the aforementioned Doherty, Saly, Sinclair, and Jones (which was called  A CHASE, A GUN, AND SOMETIMES A GIRL). After seeing it, one viewer, Rafi Regeur, wrote me these nice comments:

Tom, I am speechless. This documentary was truly fabulous. I feel wistful about a past that isn't my own. Makes me wish I had been a part of the Apar legacy. But the actual documentary itself is terrific--the visuals, the use of clips, the interviews, the pacing. I had to laugh at the faux British accent you used for the narration, but I really, really enjoyed this. It may not be Ants in his Pants (1933), but this was great and OT seems like it was a labor of love for you

The Apar Films library is now being made available on DVD. The DVDs include the original films from 1971-74 directed by Doherty, and also feature the new movies he shot during 2010 and 2011 (comedies, a drama, a horror flick, and a new spy adventure).


 Additionally, the release includes the documentaries I produced since 2009: A CHASE, A GUN, AND SOMETIMES A GIRL, THE WHOLE CATASTROPHE (a memorial to my father), REMEMBERING EFFIE (a memorial to my mother), THE APAR FILMS DOCUMENTARY COLLECTION, and THE ROAD TO ITHACA: TRAVELS IN GREECE 1958-2003. For more information, click here.

Hope you check them out and enjoy them. I think they'd make good holiday gifts. But then again, I'm a bit biased.

December 16, 2011