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The Photographer

Produced by Tom Soter. Directed by Christian Doherty. Screenplay by Doherty and Soter. Distributed by Apar Films/Savoy Productions. Running time: 5.30. Filmed: 1973/Completed: 2009. Photographer: Tom Soter. Man in White Coat: Alan Saly. Girl (uncredited): Vicky Parker.
Filmed on location in London, this strange little gem features Tom Soter as a photographer/tourist who may or may not be paranoid. Is someone following him or not? The movie was shot in 1973 but remained unedited for over 30 years, Doherty being dissatisfied with its skimpy plot. Finally, Soter and Doherty got together in 2009 to assemble the footage. Agreeing that the plot was a little thin, Soter concocted a method to add another character and a deeper meaning to the story: he used footage from Don't Live for Tomorrow of Alan Saly and Vicky Parker in London and from The Sandman of Saly and Soter together to give the photographer a guilty secret a reason for his paranoia and a possible pursuer (all of which would strengthen the initially very predictable surprise ending). At the end of the 2009 editing session, Doherty proclaimed the film was "very dark" and now one of his favorites.