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Sherlock Holmes

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McGoohan and Me

Patrick McGoohan, with TS, 1984 

Magazines 1980-1989

MEETING MY IDOLS – FOR FUN AND PROFIT   In the 1980s, I got the job that would define my career as an editor at Habitat magazine, a publication about co-ops and condos.

Magazines 2000-2009

A DIFFERENT DECADE This was the decade that began with a bang for me with the publication of my second book and ended with sadness: the deaths of my childhood idol Patrick McGoohan and, more significantly, of my father, George. My dad had been a great influence in and a great supporter of my writing and career (indeed, in his last months, he was still critiquing my work, both positively and negatively but always constructively.

Magazines 1990-1999

THE PROLIFIC YEARS In 1987, after five years as managing editor at Habitat, I decided I wanted to do more freelance writing. I worked out an arrangement with publisher Carol Ott in which I worked as an editorial consultant to the magazine (meaning I would write a feature, edit some stories, and give advice/input every month, for a regular stipend) and would have more time to write freelance. The next ten years, from 1987 to 1997, were my most prolific years as a writer.