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Of Books and Co-ops

The first thing you notice when entering the room is the books. Hardcovers, paperbacks, fiction, nonfiction, old and new – they are everywhere, sitting on tables and counters, stacked in piles on the floor, and arranged in no particular order on the floor-to-ceiling shelves that line two walls. There is Proust in one corner, Virginia Woolf in another.

Les Goldberg, director

FOR LES GOLDBERG, a veteran photographer and novice director who's first spot was for Ralph Lauren's perfume Safari, fashion equals excitement. "Some of the most creative: work in advertising is done by fashion clients," he notes. "Whether it's Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren or Donna Karan, they have a tendency to take chances."And Goldberg knows a thing or two about fashion-and risks. As a successful fashion photographer, he handled print ads for heavies such as Ralph Lauren, Revlon, Cover Girl and Max Factor. And as a would-be filmmaker, he sunk his own money into an independent short film.

Annabella Sciorra


Thomas Congdon

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:311:]] BEES! 

Art Schneider

 ART SCHNEIDER A Veteran Editor a Cut Above the Rest.  For Art Schneider, A.C.E., it was one of the most memorable moments in his life. Bob Hope was taping a 1965 comedy special. 

Kathleen Turner

 KATHLEEN TURNER  [[wysiwyg_imageupload:278:]]" IT'S AMAZING. A MAN GOES AND GAINS weight or changes anything, and people say, 'God, what a commitment as an actor.' A woman does it and it's, 'Ah. She's losin' it...' It's not fair."

Kevin Kline

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:277:]]KEVIN KLINE"IRONICALLY, I WAS A GREAT BUSH SUPPORTER and mourned the loss of our great conservative administration. I don't endorse the politics of the movie at all," intones Kevin Kline somberly - and rather disappointingly - pausing just long enough to cause consternation before a huge grin breaks across his chops. "Of course I endorsed the movie's politics! How could I do the movie if I were a Republican? Hahahahaha! "Kevin Kline. What a card.

Steven Soderbergh

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:276:]]from EMPIRE, 1992"THEY DID OVERPRAISE ME FOR my first movie, and I didn't ask for that," says Steven Soderbergh quietly. "They went too far in that direction with that movie, and too far in the other direction on the second."