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Newspapers 1970-1979

MY FIRST PUBLISHED WORK From 1970 until 1976, my writing consisted mainly of fiction and some non-fiction for home-produced magazines (called Strange & Unknown, The Warthog Reader, and Mystery Magazine). I entered college in 1974 – New York University – but it wasn't until 1976, when I transferred to Columbia University, that I began writing professionally for the Columbia Daily Spectator.

Holmes Video

By TOM SOTER from VIDEO, July 1984 For a man whom George Bernard Shaw once called "a drug addict without, a single admirable trait," Sherlock Holmes has done amazingly well himself. Besides, his many radio, television, and stage adventures, he's also appeared in over 130 films. Considering that his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, only wrote 60 Holmes mysteries, most of them short stories, that's a remarkable figure.

Movie & TV Reviews

   MOVIE & TV SERIES REVIEWS        [[wysiwyg_imageupload:1354:]]

Television Shows

Articles and reviews about Star Trek, The Fugitive, and other TV favorites.


My gig as a health reporter was at its most lucrative with Muscle Media magazine.

The Attic

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1232:]] TALES FROM THE ATTIC  from NEWSDAY, NOVEMBER 1995

Habitat 1982-

 It started with a handshake. In March 1982, I was all of 25 and I had been without a full-time job for a year or so.  It started with a handshake. In March 1982, I was all of 25 and I had been without a full-time job for a year or so .

Movie Review Journal

My first professionally published movie review (of The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella) was in a 1976 issue of the Columbia Spectator). But the year before I had started keeping a journal of movies I had seen. In the following section are some of those reviews.

Newspapers 1990-1999

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5:]]AHEAD OF THE TIMES In the early 1990s, Long Island-based Newsday started a New York City edition of the tabloid newspaper. The paper had a weekly real estate section and I offered up a few ideas based on my experiences at Habitat. Dave Harrison, my editor, was a great guy and a good editor to work with. I did many stories for both the Long Island and New York City editions, often employing my sources from the magazine (one of them repeatedly asked me when I was going to quote him in Newsday). Unfortunately, when Harrison left in a buyout, I lost my connection with the paper